We are programmed to see the mom across the street or at the store, or even on social media and compare ourselves to them.  The worst part is that we are all trying like dogs paddling in a swimming pool to look our best to everyone else, so it is a worthless comparison.  (Don’t worry I’m guilty of it too)  The best example I ever saw of this was on a Youtube video by the “Whats up moms” – Elle|Dear Cool Looking Mom in the Park.  Though I do not go to the park much (shameful I know), I totally get it.  You see a mom with her adorable child, and you wish you could be more like her.  All put together so effortlessly with a calm and controlled schedule.  But the reality is, she’s just as normal as you, spill stained shirt, unwilling to go home for a change of clothes and just to keep the day rolling.  Remember we are all different yet so similar in our imperfections because we all have them.  We don’t want to advertise them, but we have to be ok with having them.  Humility, laugh about it to yourself, and know that most of the rest of us appreciate each others honest imperfection.


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