My personal experience as a housewife has been a plethora of striving and failing and a sprinkle of some successes.  I know now that this is normal, and it is also the life of an entrepreneur.  So I’m hoping this job and season of my life will be great learning and preparation for the next season and pursuit  as I’ve learned that is often how each season of my life has been defined.

I love my husband and children, I do not regret doing what I’m doing, however there are times when other desires and goals I have compete for my mental attention.

I am a very driven and strong willed women, I always have been.  I was the eldest of my mothers children, but the 5th daughter of my father.  So though I spent most of my childhood as a first born, I always had an awareness since an age of understanding that I was not the oldest.  I do carry some of the typical traits of a first born though.

  • Pre-disposed to leadership
  • Somewhat perfectionist
  • People pleaser

And so on…however I also had many experiences that molded me and changed my natural tendencies towards confidence in myself.

This is where I live out my somewhat mature stage of life.  Now in my thirties and married with kids.

My opinion is that myself and my American peers and the culture on average does not mature until we hit thirty-ish.  I thought I knew it all as a kid, and still tend toward an attitude of a know-it-all.  However I have learned to control my thoughts and mouth a little more than I used to, and this is an ongoing process of learning.

The great thing is that I’ve always been someone of inner humility though I’ve not always exemplified it, so I am always willing to grow, change, and admit when I’m wrong and learn from my mistakes.  One of the best things I ever learned about being a housewife is that your own goals are your most important achievements.


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