I take this seriously, because I am a homemaker and I admit my lack of qualification for the stereotype.  I love having a clean home, but I have struggled with tidiness most of my life.  Thankfully my husband is a very tidy person, and helps a bunch with that side of the housekeeping.  We are a match for sure in this respect because I will do the dirty work of deep cleaning that no one generally notices, and he is the tidy-uper. I have a bit of vanity in my appearance to others. Although I have admitted that it is very true to say if I focus on looking fabulous, my house gets very little attention.  I admit this is a little selfish, but my husband knows that I care a great deal about cleanliness,  as well as my looks.  I am not so vain that I will not go out without my hair and makeup done, however I will not go out to dinner or on a date without being dolled up.  Especially now, as a mid thirties lady, I’d like to be a little bit of a milf. Plus if I make my husband feel proud to have me and confident in having me by his side when others look my way it does a lot for my self-esteem.  I do not want to have a lack of self-esteem, but it is something that I have struggled with and so doing these things do help me to feel a little better about myself.  Especially because he prefers the natural me anyway.


One thought on “Semi homemaker

  1. I do my best to always have my
    face on. One or two days a week I go without makeup to give my skin a rest… But otherwise it’s like my armor to face my day. I do it in the morning before anything else. Great post!! ❤


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