The holidays have passed and vacations are over so back to normal life as it would be. The new year seems to have come so fast this year, and I find that each year around this time I look toward the end of the winter and school and it seems so far off.  Since this year we’ve decided to homeschool again, and next year our twelve year old will be going to middle school and returning to the school that she previously attended and I am quite looking forward to it.  I think it will be a little easier to focus my time and divide it between the daily to do list and my four year old son, whom I will be working with to harness his will and teach to have self control and obedience.  Not that I do not have that task now, just that it is much harder to put more focus on the task when I have my other daughter who occasionally still needs me as well.  I must be one of those parents that just simply cannot herd a large brood of children or manage a ton because I find that I feel too stretched with two children as it is.  I guess thats why I am glad we did not have more than two.  I find that just simply finding the time to tidy up or get a shower in competes with the attention seeking children and often they win.  If I cannot manage to get my four year old to play with his toys alone I begrudgingly put him on a cartoon so that I can get an hour window to accomplish something on the list.  If I have errands to go take care of out of the house I often times just have him in tow with me and consolidate them into one day rather than multiple days, therefore I am out of the house for a while.  Thus the life of a full time mom of a pre-schooler.  He works on ABCmouse and for some game/learning time in the mornings usually before lunch.  This I’ve found is a great resource for teaching some basics and incorporating education into games.  I was a preschool teacher in my younger years and I find that the program is very similar to what I used to do with children of this age when I was teaching.  I still teach him some of the academics but I’ve been using this program now to do more academics and I spend more time one on one teaching character, self-control, manners, and basic life skills.  I love to get involved with the ABCmouse with him, and he is always showing me the projects he is working on, since I’m in the same room working on other things as well supervising him.  With my daughter she was in part time preschool while I went to college.

Its been a little hectic this winter, and being in a smaller temporary home makes it more difficult than usual.  We are a mobile family and this year last two years have been the more than usual. With moving to another state and not even seeing the home we would be moving into; we then realized that though it was a nice rental home, it was much more than we needed and more than I could handle to take care of by myself.  So we moved into a smaller townhouse.  This also became an issue as we were outgrowing it and cramped.  So once again we have been looking for a new home to reside in until our next PCS.  After a lot of prayer and looking, we’ve finally found what I think will be out next abode.  A new construction that is right in the process ready for us to choose textiles and so we put in an offer and it was accepted.  This will be our first new home and first building experience as well.  However it seems we have already got a good deal on the plan, and frame; plus our realtor is going to be with us through the process to help.  So though we will be looking at our third move in three years, I think it will be a good choice for we’ve learned a lot along the way and prayer has shown us this is meant to be.

There is always some sort of challenge along the way with our life, and it stretches us and helps us to grow.  Whether it be moving, husbands job, or children and their growth and developmental process; it seems we do not normally have a quiet life, therefore I find it forces us to create a more simple and quite day to day life.  I do however believe that these things are blessings. “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” ~James 1:2-4


4 thoughts on “Moving with the change of the waves.

  1. I have two boys and feel like I’m at maximum capacity. I admire those who can have lots of kids and still manage to get supper on the table, just doesn’t seem like it’s a good fit for me. Good luck on your new house and move!

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