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Well, I’ve done something impulsive… I brought home a  puppy about four months ago.  Mostly because I’ve been dying for a dog for years but also because she was free.  I found her at the local Walmart, 😛 and there was a couple young girls who had a large litter they could not afford to keep.  She is a Black Lab/Boxer mix and I couldn’t resist.  So of course now I am learning all that comes with having a puppy is similar to having a new baby again.  The pee the poop and waking up in the middle of the night…ugh.  It’s worth it though. She has stolen my heart and I’m determined to teach her and become her pack leader.  I immediately realized it will be a great teaching tool for myself to learn self-control of my emotions, and help my children to also learn some new skills.  I’ve binge watched the first season of Cesar 911 (the dog whisperer) and I’m reading some amazing articles on his website Cesars way.  I’m learning how to control my emotions to be a calm and assertive leader.  So far I think I am having progress.  My children on the other hand are struggling.  My daughter, the tween of the home, could not help herself every time she was near the puppy to fawn over her with awe’s and ohh’s and spoil her with affectionate attention before she started to be the master.  This unfortunately turned very quickly into the reason why now the puppy sees her as a play thing instead of a master and try to nip and get too aggressive with her.  We are working on that little hiccup.  My son on the other hand started out being a little timid yet still antagonistic so now when ever he is around her he tries to get her to chase him and then if she nips him or gets too rough he gets hurt.  This is also a frustration because I cannot keep my eyes on the both of them at all times, and since he is determined it is a battle to teach him to listen and obey my commands to leave her alone and learn from me how to act with her so that she is not aggressive.  I understand that some of her behavior is normal puppy stuff, however I believe some of the behavior with the kids is aggravated. I’ve had her in puppy training now for about a month, and it is going quite well.  Go figure it’s not even a fancy dog school, just a really great trainer at Petco.  She too is a student and believer of Cesars Way.  So we are working together with the same belief system of how to treat and lead a puppy.  I’ve found this to be quite a new job for me, though I never thought I would be one to rescue a puppy from Walmart, I know that there are often times too many puppies that go to the pound or abandoned because of this same situation.  I’m only glad she had not come from an abusive situation.  She shows no signs of insecurity and is a very quick learner so far.  Now as a Mother and homemaker, I have one more task on my plate.  I know I did it to myself, but I have a habit of loading up with a ton of responsibility.  I do however think that this is helping me and bringing our family towards common goals more often now.  Because of the age difference of my children, and the extreme opposites of myself and my husband its is a common ground that I am thankful fell into my lap.


3 thoughts on “Rescued

  1. I think pets are a great way to help the kids learn some responsibility even though they are a lot of work. We have two cats that I have my three girls help out with the feeding, scooping litter and ugh, hair ball clean up. Your new puppy is adorable!


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