The school year has begun, and after some uncertain detours, we come to a place of great direction. I have it up to God and prayed hard about my kids school decisions. At first we thought we were going to continue homeschooling our daughter but after about 2 1/2 weeks An amazing opportunity came and my husband believes it was God’s intention to allow us to start down one path and realize it was not going to work or bare good fruit before he allowed another option to take the place of our choice. She was given a very coveted spot in a patriotic charter school. So with last minute tours and purchase of uniforms she started at her first officially public school. Also after much prayer and a couple tours of different schools, our son is attending a private school where he is surrounded by those who love and encourage the type of behavior, and biblical world view we try to live out in our lives as a family. 

Our house building project became a distaster and we were tested repeatedly. Though we did not waver in our faith, we did struggle to keep our behavior and thought on God. It cause me to act in anger and sometimes rage that I am ashamed of. However we did get through it, and withdrew our offer. It was a huge load off our minds and hearts.  

Thankful for grace, and guidance from our most wonderful God through trials. It did produce patience and strength. 


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